Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday afternoon

There is a feeling of accomplishment when a new client signs on to be partners and use!
It feels even cooler having a French bread with some black tea on a bullet train travelling at 423km/h.  

This was Taipei last Friday, I was caught in monsoon-like rains on my way home. The perfect FML moment.

So while waiting for the rain to subside a little bit, I spotted a man lying on the ground with an ambulance next to him. Apparently, this guy was drunk and was slipping and sliding out of a bar lounge around the corner until he slipped on the side walk and pooped himself on the spot. Yes, I said it. The drunk guy pooped on himself. The smell was horrendous.
This picture above was just taken right now. That is my new cup, am espresso cup on growth hormone. 

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