Thursday, April 12, 2012

guitar music and a afternoon encounter with an old man

In our work space, we don't just work behind walled off cubicles like robots!
We at love everyone sharing their interests, and bringing together our tight-knit team ever closer!
In the pictures, you can see Yi-Ching and Lacost sharing their different styles of guitar playing, and types of music.
These moments is one of the many reasons why I love working here. Besides the working aspect, the running around and changing the world, we also have a sliver of time to catch a breather and do those things that make us who we are.
So, a few minutes into our lunch break, the soft music playing from the guitar can be heard, and there was a very warm feeling.... of course there was quite alot of sun too.
 So the photos in this post are all of Lacost playing the guitar, which I took before I ran off to lunch!

After lunch, Tony (our PM) and I went for a juice blend at a local juice bar. While waiting for our beverages, an old man sat beside us, catching a breather from his walk.
 After a few nods and the usual hello's and its a nice day, he started talking to us, saying that he is 97 years old, and is taking a stroll by himself for the first time. Wow. 97 years old, and he had a very very distinct chinese accent, which is common in the older generation. Turns out he is originally from Shandong province of China, and came to Taiwan in 1949 after the defeat of the KMT. He said that he was once a 4-star General serving alongside Chiang Kai-Shek, and led men into battle. The facts couldn't be verified at the moment, but from his posture, his tone of speech, and the way he spoke, it was obvious that he was of the old military breed. I know this, because he spoke and talked about the old days like my grandfather, who is 94 this year.
 He was delighted to hear that I was from New York, because his youngest daughter is also there now with her family.
This elderly man said many things, and seemed like an old sage...
"Be true to your core beliefs, don't let money and power corrupt you." 
"Society must go through dictatorship and totalitarianism in order to reach democracy and appreciate its importance."
" Fight for what you want, it won't fall out of the sk."
" Education is fundamental in a useful person."
"Life is full of paradoxes, question everything." 
before we bid farewell, he told me:
"tell your grandpa, another person from his generation wishes him happiness and good health. We've already lived long enough."
A truly honorable moment to have spent that tiny parcel of time we had with that elderly man. He was literally walking talking history.

It's always such a great thing to talk to these people, because they are the ones that built up the world in modern history. Not just here in Taiwan, but all over the world. The generation that fought the Axis powers and allowed the following generations to grow up in a safer and free society. Of course, now i am just rambling on... and this will lead to the fact that the younger generation, such as my own, has been spoiled rotten, and take everything for granted. But that's for another time to talk, not now.

Alright, Let's tangent a bit...
I went to go watch battleship the movie last night.
Does anyone see a little bit of star trek and battlestar galactica in there? a ship is captained by a rebellious officer that everyone doubts (sounds like star trek with kirk) and then they commandeer the USS Missouri, like battlestar galatica; where they are thrust into battle with the Cylons in the ancient BSG.

Even one of the fighter pilot's helmet says: BOOMER!!
but in the end, it was a pretty good movie, although I had expected more. If the entire fleet engaged in battle, it would've been a treat to watch. And how come the aliens had such.... relatively primitive weapons.. if they can travel that far, their tech can't be that bad can it? Thought they'd have lasers or some kind of high tech gear.... not some Halo ODST looking suits.

There is a string of summer movies I am looking forward to!
Expendable 2... totally a guy movie and Chuck Norris is in it! LOL
MIB 3... not too sure after watching MIB 2.
Avengers... Iron man! hoorah!
and a whole bunch i cannot recall at this moment! haha
alright, back to work! ciao!

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