Monday, April 30, 2012

Epic Friday: Company Team-Building Day Event

 The tropical rain storm didn't stop us from going into the dense mountains to prepare for paintball battle! In the end, it was the news of a mountain climber being struck by lightening did we agree to postpone our paintball battle onto another day.
Of course, we could not have left the battlegrounds without a little bit of practice, so we all took a good few shots at distant targets. This was a time for us to see how well we will fare on the grounds of paintball mayhem, and also for our team members to see the skills of each and every one of us. So when the real fight begins, we will know whose side we will want to be on.

With the tropical vegetation, barrels, muddy grounds, rain down pour, and mosquitoes, this day would've been the day to live the vietnam experience. My legs and arms was getting riddled with mosquito bites, while every drop of rain sent fragments of mud and rock onto my shoes and legs.

We finally packed our bags, and headed back down the mountain to train in the underground labyrinth of lazertag! Where we will use painless methods of evaluating our team members before the real onslaught of battle.  

Before fighting in the lazertag zone, we all enjoyed a great throwback to the good old days of foosball.

Our lunch:
hand pulled chilled marinated chicken meat!
 Fried dumplings!

This picture is out of order, its a pic of our team member Chloe throwing a bowling ball.
After we fought in the arena of lazertag, we finished the day with a game of bowling!

Before my abysmal sub-100 score, I was able to score 4 strikes in a row. beginner's luck!

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