Sunday, April 1, 2012

music, sunshine, and napping

The idea of taking a nap during the day used to not sit well with me, since I always felt like napping in the daytime was an inefficient practice. Of course, once I left New York, it seemed that everyone everywhere takes a noon time nap; and I did not fully get accustomed to this until this past year when I started working in Taiwan. No where in college, did I ever reach the point where I needed to nap, since truthfully; studying textbooks and repeating it; isn't that brain-consuming. Then I start working, which I am the lucky few to say that I love what I do, but it still takes a toll since there is never a "downtime" when work is turning into a career. So these days, I've realized that taking a 15 to 20 min nap in the afternoon  boosts my mood, thought processes, thinking, and concentration. Of couse, here has been hundreds of studies done saying that taking an afternoon nap does help the brain tremendously, but for me: it's a big step.

I received a small gift over the weekend! This Heirloom men's brown leather card holder case.
Someone must've known that I love leather-made stuff, and got me this!
This leather business card holder definitely looks classier than my (now retired) shiny metal card case.

I will be going to a beach party this coming weekend down south in Kenting! can't wait!
The 4B's: Beach, Beer, BBQ, and Babes.
I am looking forward to getting some sunshine, tan, and enjoy the view. It gets a little bit tiresome living in the city, and need some r&r from city life. get some sand between my toes, and that smell of sea salt in the air! hoorah! will post some pics once I get back!

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