Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kenting, Southern Taiwan

I spent this past weekend down in southern Taiwan in Kenting. It was the annual "Spring Beach Party" where there was an abundance of beer, music, music, and food.
Although I have to admit that the weather was not great: rain and winds, but it was alright considering the crowd and the atmosphere. It sucked that they closed off the beaches before midnight, and there were just way too many people to enjoy the place. But all in all, it was fun just getting out of the big city!
Picture on the left is a shot of the girls that were dancing away. Makes me not want to come back up north... haha

The pic on the left is of one of the girls, whose clothes seem a bit too small for her, but of course no one minded. The weather was hot (not really) and the mood was abuzz with partying.
Have to admit that it looks painful walking on the soft wet ground in heels...

I really hoped the sun would come out, but it didn't. The weather was not warm enough for beach and the winds were way too high for any safe activities that involved the ocean. sigh

Missed out on the bubble foam party, since the police shut down the party before midnight due to scandalous activity and way too loud music. The large hordes of people ( young high school kids) couldn't hold their liquor and created a mess of things...

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