Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patisco invited to National Taiwan University's panel discussion

     Last week, Patisco was invited to a panel discussion concerning the future work force of Taiwan, the problems of today and tomorrow, and what we can do to overcome this looming crisis. The panel discussion was held in a quiet room in National Taiwan University.
On one side was some of Taiwan's prominent internet start-up leaders and on the other side were representatives of the government and research branches; with a professor from NTU hosting this discussion panel.
We were all presented with packets filled with numbers and graphs on research conducted by
 NTU on the current state of workforce and company compatibility.
A lot of the research results and real time stories that they are hearing from our side and other companies seem to be at odds, and was an eye opening experience.
One of my favorite moments was when the representative from Richi ( a company that deals with credit transactions across platforms) stated that "the internet isn't a industry and shouldn't be used as a name to describe an industry." The internet can be seen as a tool or an environment, and many things can be done, as well as cannot be done.
 At the panel discussion, Patisco undoubtedly the speaker for when it came to commerce and trade business. Due to Patisco's strong connection to trade business, we were able to give many insights such as the problems facing today's business environment, misconceptions met in the business and internet world, and also gave some of our own thoughts on matters effecting the world today.
No matter the outcome of this panel discussion, Patisco is always more than happy to give our opinions and lend our expertise when asked. We are dedicated to making business trade more efficient and bring business trade into the 21 century.

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