Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paper Trail

One of the side effects of the Patisco platform is that the use of paper is cut down significantly. Less paper = Less hassle = Less stress = good for body and mind.
the pictures provided in this blog post is a glimpse into one of many of our training and implementation courses that we provide to our clients and their affiliated partners.

 Teaching and helping people to use and integrate into their daily routine is no easy task! But it is one of the most rewarding experiences to see a person that has no idea of the the internet world, suddenly smile and say: "that wasn't so hard, so can we use it now?"
The wide-eyed and  "oooh'ing" is always a good sign that our clients finally see at its potential, when their own employees run ahead and use as if it was second-nature. Of course that sounds a bit far-fetched that people picked it up that fast, but in that meeting room and right in front of our eyes, as well as on the projection screens, we saw one after another, the employees of our client's company begin to shift
and shift what they would usually do on paper, onto
We are still a far way from replacing paper, but we are taking the first steps, along with our clients and partners at decreasing the use of paper. Not just for our sake, but for the environment.
Originally we had anticipated many troubled employees not being able to adapt and feel animosity towards such a technological leap from their usual routine. But from the photos, you can see that the expected bickering and panic was not present and instead there was silence and the tapping of keyboards as the employees are fully-engaged in setting up their accounts and transitioning faster than we could imagine.
In this photo, our PM is giving a small token and gift to a volunteer who came up to show how much he has mastered the platform within only an hour of training.

 In this picture, you can see our Sales Director giving another small token and gift to another volunteer from another group training session.
What struck me was that a few of the employees were already digging their way through the platform and trying to fully utilize the functions within the Patisco platform, so pro-active and yet so quiet.

Our final training session of the day, our volunteer receives our token and gift for volunteering: an environmentally-friendly bag.
We all came to this company as strangers in the wee-hours of the morning when the sun just woke up, and when the sun went back to sleep at dusk; we left as family.
We were seen as family to the point where Chloe and I was given the "go-ahead" to go to the client's family farm and pick fruits and carrots. yay!

the next day,
we gathered at Xceleration Labs,
ordered pizza and watched a movie!
Good job to the team! woohoo!

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