Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waking up late because of a faulty alarm clock and a nightmare...

Yes, I began my day by waking up 2 hours later than I was supposed to.
First reason: My alarm clock: my iPhone, was somehow stuffed under my pillow, so it muffled the alarm sound. a totally legit reason to be late.
Second reason: I was in the midst of a nightmare that I had to finish. Well, what I call nightmare is nothing more than a slight dream of possible mishaps in life. What was I dreaming about? In my dream I was caught up  in so many family events that I could not answer my phone and test messages to finish up a work related project, and when I lent my phone to my grandmother, she dropped it and destroyed my phone. My family was getting mad saying that I should focus on eating and being nice, while I was in a fury ( I threw my broken phone at people) because I was so mad that I couldn't finish up a project and had lost all the information on my phone....
I woke up! and was sooooo relieved to be up on my bed, and not in that situation. Of course, all my info and data on my phone is backed up in a series of cloud servers  somewhere from botswana to vancouver, so I was relieved that I am fully prepared when my phone does lose operational ability.
Funny, have I become a workaholic? or a career obsessed geek?
I have been in dreams where I was faced with ghosts, zombies, psychopaths chasing me with chainsaws, on a battlefield facing imminent death, and falling out of the sky, and yet I was never so freaked out until I was in a dream where I had lost the ability to work away from the office. Wow... seriously.
Happy Friday!

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