Thursday, January 12, 2012


It is finally Friday!

For those who don't know, tomorrow is Taiwan's Presidential Elections! Who will win? seems like it will be a close race! 
I can care less about politics at the moment, it's friday and it's all that matters. 
This week has been crazy, due to all the crazy all nighters i've been going through. 
Wednesday, for a friend's farewell party, we went to a KTV and finally left around 3:30AM. I don't understand how do people sing for that long, I was awake just from the amazement of the people singing. What is the obsession with singing anyways? I am not being critical, I am just asking but no one ever gives me a straight answer. It was fun, and met a new friend who was also from New York. This new friend worked for a very prestigious computer company, which i shall not name... hahahhahaha 
Funny thing, I was asked to go to this company to work before coming to, and was really concerned that I might have skipped an opportunity. Then the friend revealed that he hates his company and job, the politics, hierarchy, and competition from rivals and within was making life miserable. Thank god I didn't decide to go there, or else I would have been ripped apart... or have been ripping apart someone else for that matter. It was also interesting how in some aspect, and this mega-huge computer company was and is still doing what we are doing, but to no avail. Big companies aren't as flexible and it seems that politics always gets in the way of innovation and efficiency. This new friend was intelligent, but didn't prove it when he took a sleeping pill with a glass of whiskey thinking it would get him high and forget about work. It didn't... he turned into a drooling zombie that lacked everything but the faintest of motor skills, and of course since I was the same build as him, i was tasked with bringing this friend back home. sigh. 
Last night (thursday): After dinner, I met an old friend who just flew in from Boston and went to go grab a cup of latte and tea. I have to admit, I had an amazing time since i was spending time with an amazingly attractive girl who was so smart.... which explains why one of the biggest investment banks offered her before she graduated from college. I am amazed that a girl like her would want to go into IB. Always awesome to see and hear people my age are so career driven and wanting so bad to achieve their dreams. 
We are in an age where age is literally just a number on your ID card. 
With information so free flowing from an infinite amount of sources, younger people are sucking up information like sponges. Like what my parents said: my brother and i know more about the world in many aspects than my parents do, and we are light years away from when my parents were our age. 
This goes back to the whole: the new and modern will mostly always triumph... because the future is in the hands of the next generation. the computer users overtook the typer writers, and the tablet users will over-take the pc-users.. even though the pc will evolve, but you get the point. its the progression and forward movement of technology and people. 
Just like how i explain what one of the dreams and goals of is... 
I held up my iphone4 and said to my friends: i want to turn this phone, into my office, i want to be able to control my business, communicate with my clients, make or break deals, jot down notes, and even ask my secretary in my office in Tokyo to not add wasabi to my sushi... all in one platform that is mobile, accessible anytime anywhere, and on any device that has an internet connection.   
Some skeptics say its a far-fetched dream.. problem is, i'm basically doing it already. 
I have a cloud-based note taking app, an event and crm tracking app, a conference call app, a remote cloud access app, and a few more apps that make my iphone into a tiny work station where ever i go. the future is not far away, its already here.
The world should be scared. Work ethics will change, efficiency and vacations will have different definitions and meaning. 
In today's world, the titan mega-companies and firms control almost everything. 
but, imagine a whole list or group of small and medium businesses and organizations, linked together seamlessly and always in touch through portable devices throughout the world... no real physical office space, and people can do everything on the run. small lobby firms linked to small trading firms, who in turn can be linked to shipping companies and so forth into logistical companies that span the globe. I can already see it happening, and its something that I want to be part of and make happen faster. 
its harder to defeat a guerilla army using a conventional army, same can be said about business. The only difference in why are small businesses so vulnerable to mega-companies nowadays is because of the lack of cooperation and communication with other small companies. 
In the end, if everyone is linked into a platform, it all become one huge virtual conglomerate.  imagine that. 
right now, the business world is at a breaking point because everyone is caught in the same game. 
everyone is doing business the same way, and its because of this old and out-dated way, that people are getting screwed a world over. All this bullshit talk and education on being "business ethics" and being politically-correct is what is literally screwing up the business world today. first off, everyone knows: business ethics and politically correct are both oxymorons.... someone wants to refute that? go ahead, be a pussy. Business is meant to be dog-eat-dog, profit driven, and merciless. If you are one of those who complain about business is blood thirst and inhumane, then go to north korea and work on a farm there. business is what it is. this is capitalism. Being politically correct and incorrect is also one of those things that make you think how stupid can people get. What is the point of being politically correct, are we that insecure and weak that we cannot take a down to earth comment or thought? Has society really rotted to such an extent that we need to deem things to be politically incorrect? why can't people grow up and just argue or debate? People have this notion that being politically correct means you are mature, civilized, and elite. yeah right, it simply means you have no idea what you believe in or say, and you have no spine. I dont care what i say is right or wrong, its what i am saying. that is the point of free-thought and free speech. we are humans, we make errors and we all have different beliefs. of course, no one really gives a damn, because we seriously are rotting as a society to some extent. this is why i sometimes wish i can be a dictator and impose absolute rule upon this so called "free world." im not an idealist, im a realist. 

** what the hell, i just found a bug in my apple.... ew! 
anyways, sorry, got distracted by the freakin bug in my apple. well, guess that means the apple is good right? 

For those who dont know about Chinese culture: it is said that this year is the year of the Dragon, and since I was born in the year of the dragon 23 amazing years ago, it is supposedly a "dangerous" year. 
So since i am born in the year of the dragon, i will have a danger filled year every 12 years? lol awesome. the only way to ward off evil is by wearing something red, like a necklace or bracelet. I was thinking of something more subtle, like underwear... imagine, red underwear for a whole year! 
then my mom told me that: the feng shui people told me not to mess around, and red underwear is bad luck. My reply: then can i just not wear any underwear for the year? i can ward off evil spirits that way! 
I have no idea why am I following this superstitious talk, since my family is really not in-tuned with this bogus, then again, i am in taiwan and taiwan has its traditions... and my taiwan relatives are more traditional than my family, so whatever. makes me miss shanghai... or china in general. hahaha~ 
I miss my strolls through the French Concession, or afternoon tea on the Bund. 
In taipei... I do not know my way around, and I am not really familiar with the culture and customs here. so i am lost at times. 
Chinese New Year is coming up, and we will be getting a good few days off! 
i cant wait for red envelopes! My greatest source of income! haha! 
well, time to head back to work!!!!!!! ciao! for now!   

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