Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie Day!

On December 28th, 2011
The Patisco Team took the afternoon off to enjoy a nice stroll and movie at our advisor's office. 
This was the first mass movement of the entire team towards a pre-determined location for leisure purposes. 
the team has been hard at work for months, and it was a great time to take a breather and relax. 

Why did we choose to walk instead of taking the bus or taxi? Because walking is good for health, the legs and body. It is also a good opportunity to see whether the Mcdonalds or PizzaHut is an ideal location for a pit-stop ! 
It was also post-Christmas, hence there was a calm and chill feeling on the streets of Taipei. 

Being the hard working team we are, the team is still busy at work even though we are "supposed" to be relaxing. This shows the determination, and the practicality of cloud technology, of Patisco and its developers. Rest is for pussies, we vacation!  

Chief Engineer and CTO: Calvin explaining a concept for future development to Lacost, our Design specialist. 

They are speaking in such technical terms that I can barely comprehend what they are talking about. 

Tony busy with arranging some information on the system, while Jason takes a minute to rest. 

Pizza! Movie! Brownies! Chicken Wings! and PATISCO! 
we will be back for more! hoorah! 

p.s. I (Sean) am not in any of the photos, because I am taking the photos. 

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