Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Working With a "Traditional" Industry - The Bicycle Industry

Even talking to the founder of Speedone Bike company at the 2014 Taipei Cycle Show

Traditional Industry refers to the long-standing, age-old, time proven industries that are the backbone of the economy. Usually these industries are heavily made up of manufacturing and trading companies whose inter-woven connections and reliance is like a fortress wall: its strong and impenetrable; friendships and partnerships will always be ahead of business, but new blood and outside people are not welcome into these industries.
Patisco.com, with its unique background, has made itself a name by being the very few (or possible the only 'outside' company) to bring change to Taiwan's traditional bicycle industry. It is no joking matter when I say that Taiwan's bicycle industry is the heart of the global bicycle industry, and trying to make companies in this industry run to a different tune is a colossal effort on time, experience, and respect.

Like any disruptive technology, we have met tidal waves of resentment, abandonment, and animosity... but it only proves that change is needed more in this industry more than ever. With the balance of economic powers, changing consumer habits and preferences, and shifting global business practices, it's essential that this industry changes its ways to survive and thrive in today's business world.

Even and YC bringing Pedaling Forward to Europe and North America!

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