Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday surprise

screenshot of this meme on our FB page
For anyone who is working in the social media realm, and especially those who are building a social media hub for their company, it is quite a challenge just to get people to even pay attention to what you write or post! Sometimes, the weirdest and smallest things create the biggest effect.

original meme
So usually, I post some material regarding our progress with our Pedaling Forward program, such as pictures from our travels, expos, clients, and suppliers. Just reaching 200 views and 5 likes was already considered a good job. Then, last friday, right before I decided to commence my weekend, I posted a bicycle meme that I had come across on Pinterest onto our Facebook wall, a final post before the weekend lull. Then I come into the workspace on this most terrible of mondays (isn't it always?) and I get bombarded with questions of "what did I do?" "what did I write?" "what did I post?", and to my astonishment... I turn on our Pedaling Forward Facebook page manager to see that this post has been shared 25 times, and has reached a whopping 2,876 people ( as of March 17th, 2014).
I am as puzzled as anyone else. There is no secret way to get people to pay attention. But I have to admit that this was pretty cool.

If I do discover anything (something like a pattern or whatnot) I'll be sure to write about it!

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