Thursday, December 12, 2013

Catch-up time!

It's December! The last month of 2013, and can't believe 2014 is sneaking up on us already! 
It's been an eventful year, with so many things happening, and are happening at the moment! So I thought it would be my rightful duty to update all those who are reading this about what's been going on! 
Of course, let's start off with some pictures! 
I have to say, ever since my iPhone 5 has reached my hands, I seldom reach for my camera anymore :'( 
Quality wise, all hands down; the Canon is a fine marvel. But for the on-the-go quick picture snapping moments: the iPhone is king. But anyways! Now I am back in Taipei, Taiwan ... have been running around all over, and now it's time to take a breather and share! I'll start off with photos from mid-2013 and work my way up in following posts to our current status!  

view overlooking Taipei City. Storm is approaching! 

For many out there who are from New York City, the cronut has made many people wait from the wee-hours in the morning just to get a taste of this french/american hybrid sweet snack. 
And... half way around the world: it has been brought to the people of Taipei City by Drip Cafe (Click for Facebook Page). 
For all those who are in Taiwan and planning to try it: go there before 3PM, it sells out daily by 3PM. 

Now, this fellow here is a hermit crab (right?) that my cousin and I had come across while scuba diving in Green Island, off the east coast of Taiwan. 
Although in this photo it looks rather mean, the hermit crab was actually quite timid and seemed more fearful of us. 
no need for the racial jokes, but yes, we are Chinese and we eat anything (almost.) so hence why I can sense why the hermit crab feared us. Good thing I don't really like sea food. 
Alas, it was set free on the beach after taking these photos.  
America? no this is a beer-pong dedicated bar in Taipei City. This place is called: PreGame (Click for Facebook Page), and is pretty chill.. if you ignore the loud and sometimes annoying college students (or foreign workers reliving their college days). The only thing: bad cell reception in the basement, so for the social media addicts its hard to upload pics on Instagram between rounds. 

Meeting at the Workspace in Taipei, Taiwan. 
 This was a rare occasion where a representative from every department was pulled together for a presentation by Jia-Jia. I cannot recall what it was about... but it had something to do with Google Adwords and such. 

The next 3 pictures are taken at Silent Professional (Website) in Taipei City. Silent Professional is a provider of tactical gear and equipment, very unique in Taiwan. 
The chest rigs and plate carriers you see in this pic are the real deal!  

Those NVG's (night vision goggles) are for display purpose only, but looks pretty sick when taking a picture. 

 and that's just me trying  on the NVG's. 

Helen from Helenism
And finally, this is Helen from Helenism (click here for blog link). Helen has been a long time friend of mine and she has started a blog to write about fashion trends in Taiwan. Blog is in Chinese, but pretty sure most people don't really read and just browse through the pictures ;) 

More to come! stay tuned! 
in the mean time, take a gander at's facebook: Facebook Page

If you want to take a sneak peak at why we've been so busy, take a look at Pedaling Forward's facebook page: Pedaling Forward Facebook Page

For all those who don't know yet... has partnered with Point Asia Co., Ltd to pioneer a program that will revolutionize the bicycle industry. This program is called: Pedaling Forward

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