Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The new Xinosys.com website is online!

The new Xinosys website  is online! After many changes, the new website for Xinosys (the creators of Patisco.com) has gone for a simple and conservative approach.

As I was part of the team that brought together this new site, I learned many lessons. The most important of which was: what is the main message you want to send to the audience? As Xinosys is the development entity behind Patisco.com, their message isn't the same as Patisco.com. Xinosys is more about the team and those involved, therefore a simple and clean look was optimal. A simple layout where Xinosys can easily and readily release updates to the audience (those paying attention to Xinosys developments closely) without the distraction of flashy images and graphics.
Another important lesson I learned: If you keep refining the product or project in hopes that it will be perfect when it rolls out, it will never roll out and end up on the chopping block. Although it's obvious it still needs a lot of work,  we decided to sent it into the online world, and will tweak it and improve as the days pass and people give us feedback! Just like humans: always learning always evolving.
Finally, a big lesson that I also learned: the importance of team work! Going lone ranger only goes so far, especially in the internet startup realm, when there are those more experienced, more skilled, and with better ideas; drop the ego and ask them for help and input!

Expect more changes and improvements to come! and it's been a while since we updated the status of Patisco.com! so once I get the thumbs up, I will post more about what we here at Patisco.com have been up to!

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