Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here in the workspace

Upon walking into the Workspace, the first thing that everyone notices is the sweet distinct aroma of freshly grind coffee beans, a whiff of cool dry air, and the abundance of sunlight blanketing the workspace. Our white boards may be filled with endless scribbles of diagrams depicting client discussions  to computer coding methods for our ever-improving platform. Our desks are littered not with the common paperwork that usually pollutes most work desks, but instead in its place are 
momentos of the life that we never hide from others when working here at the Workspace. 
Every "sector," as we call it here, is unique in that each sector has its own flavor and culture. Although we are a small company (which start-up isn't?) but we believe that bringing out every aspect of every person and team in the team is vital to our work ethic and core belief that diversity is key to our growth and teamwork experience. 
It's a common sight to see the Engineers ( in the Engineers' Sector) to 
suddenly halt their work, and engage in intense deep discussion upon facing an obstacle in development, such as finding a bug or even the length of a word being used in the language. The Service team ( in the Service sector) would have afternoon snacking sessions consisting of cookies and fruits to being everyone out of the usual afternoon slump. The best thing here at the workspace is the sound of laughing and jokes that we always tell each other to keep everyone on their toes and grinning as we do what we do everyday here. 

Indeed, the most dear things to is not only its clients and partners, but the people who work here. Just the other day ( 2 days ago actually), one of the new team members was commenting on the amazing complexity of communication that was being witnessed at that moment: Yi-Ching was on the phone speaking to a Taiwan-based client in the Taiwanese dialect, Even and Sean was video conferencing with our China-based partner in a heavily Beijing accented Mandarin, Calder was writing up a script for his calls to Holland and Germany, all the while the Engineers and Service teams were yapping away in English and Chinese. 
As we always say here at "Globalization is old, 'Localization' is the key to today's business access." 

It is also important to point out that "exploring" is a very important trait floating in the workspace. Whether it be the sudden smell of pizza which grabs everyone by the nose and leads them on a hunt of the location of where such a grand smell originates from, or it be any one of us here in picking up the hundreds of 
books lining the walls and browsing through in curiosity. Our book shelves are lined with books from computer programming language, to financial models, to industry specific magazines. 

The's environment excels in many ways not only because of the comfortable setting, but also because all of the senior members of the team came from somewhere else. Everyone came from different industries and work backgrounds, and     
all are here united by a major belief that we are all here to change the world. No matter if it means changing the way B2B is done or influencing and changing a person in the team, we are all changing the world in our own ways.

Of course there must be a point to all this rant of the workspace and people, and simply put: it's awesome to work here. period.  
As Even Chung (CEO of always says: "I want to be a place where it's inspiring, fun, and at the same time: challenging to work in." 

We may be small and un-noticeable, but everything and everyone great came from somewhere.  

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