Monday, April 29, 2013

From Sean's Monday Point of View

Life in Taipei is quite comfortable, even on a Monday morning. Maybe it's because it wasn't raining, cloudy, humid, or earthquaking. So, sky was blue and sun was beaming, ended up waking at 6:50AM in the morning for no apparent reason... probably my mind was just like: f*ck it, boring dream, wake up!  So the usual routine ensued at such an ungodly hour ( in Sean's time zone). Turned on the TV which is playing CNN, switched on the AC to get the air moving a bit, and washed up in the bathroom. 
The great thing about Taipei is that it's transforming itself into a chillax metropolitan city, a far-cry from the never ending drama filled cities like Manhattan and Shanghai. Strolling out into the park infront of my complex, there were birds flying, old ladies doing tai chi, and some drunk guy sleeping on the park bench... ah! what a fine morning!  
Lately, Taipei City Government and Giant has massively expanded and extended their YouBike service, which is basically a free bike renting service (first 30 mins free!), and there are rental stations dotted all over the city. The past few weeks have seen a surge in the iconic kiosks, orange bicycles, and rows and rows of bicycles lining the streets from their stations. Anyways, I rented the Youbike from a station right around my area, and pedaled all the way to Howard Hotel ( approx. a 5+ mile ride) to meet up with an old friend and grab a bag of Lia's Granola. I have to say: it is amazing. Of course, the fact that its healthy makes it that much better! For all those who don't know me, I snack way too much... 
For those American expats who crave granola, this is your answer. 
So, with Me being Sean, I uncontrollably ate the whole bag in less than 3 hours ( yes, I am a fatass). Now I have to order more, because it's all made to order... which is why it tastes so amazing. So can take a look at: Lia's Gourmet Natural Foods facebook page! Sorry, they only serve to Taipei (possibly Taiwan) customers only for now! 

Weekend was pretty eventful: went to the Levi's Commuter Jeans x Sense30 collaboration event! 
Sense30 is a Taiwan hand-made bicycle brand, you can see their site at: Sense30 Website
They make extraordinary beautiful bicycles (mainly fixed gear bikes / fixies), and the bikes just like the work shop (where the bicycle is literally welded together infront of you!) look like something from a 1930's European setting, with the dim lighting, old wood furniture, and staff in aprons and caps. So for any bicycle enthusiast that is living, working, or visiting Taipei... go take a look! 


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