Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet The New team members!

Top Left: Calder ; Top Right: Lilian; Middle Left: JJ; Lower Left: Huiyu; Lower Right: Jennifer

We at are excited to welcome our new team members into! 
The new team members bring their specialities into, and with only the 2nd week rolling by;  the workspace has become an even more vibrant and colorful place to be! Of course it still will take some time to get used to te influx of people in the office, but it's a great sight to see the whole "crew" go out and eat lunch together or hang out together after work hours! As we always say in then and now: no matter what, we are family! We are all odd in some small way one way or another, but that is what makes every single day a new experience at the workspace! 

Left: Tony is working on the new "Pedaling Forward" website ; Huiyu is working on design and website content presentation. 

Right: Jennifer is working on the Wiki ; Lilian is working on marketing content.  

Yi-Ching is explaining the current industry situation to Calder

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