Wednesday, March 13, 2013

6 Days to go until Taipei Bike Show!

 The workspace is abuzz with activity (as usual), with our engineering team working on a new version of trade platform, Huiyu is busying away with a new design, and Even and Yi-ching is going over some European market material with Calder. 

Less than a week to go before the Taipei Bicycle Show, which is more like an Expo per se. will be there to support our partners and clients! 

The new team members are working well together; which is evident in the amount of inside jokes within the team that are accumulating ever so increasingly. We have inside jokes for when it rains, when we are having vegetarian meals, when we are eating chocolate, etc... so it's a sign that we are all fitting together nicely as a team. Nothing is better than a good laugh and a cup of coffee! 

Most important is what the new team members have brought into, and I have to say it is impressive. We have come a long way from being a few guys, to now becoming a steady operation
with bench marks, goals, and finally speeding up towards our company's mission and ultimately: our vision! 
So... 6 more days to go before the 2013 Taipei Bike Show; and we are all excited! 

 Here is a quick look at's "Pedaling Forward" program! 
It is a b2b network / ecosystem for Taiwan's bicycle manufacturing industry on one end; and Western retail channels at the other end. More information is to come! So be patient! 

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