Sunday, January 27, 2013

the photos "they" never want you to see...

Even singing his heart out

On January 25th, 2013, the Team and Cheng & Ku Law Firm had a joint annual dinner party consisting of Karaoke at the infamous Cashbox in the dazzling East District (東區) of Taipei City, and a grand dinner on the top floor of some building that I do not know the name of... haha.

In Taiwan, almost all companies (if not all), have annual "end-of-the-year" dinners , parties, etc called: 尾牙, which pronounced "Wei - Ya." I also just found out this practice or name of these annual dinners is unique to Taiwan and Taiwanese companies; as my Chinese and Hong Kong-nese compatriots were baffled by the term.  

Anyways, I can go on and on about the list of events and activities that we did that night, but it would be truly boring. So instead of being a news ticker, I rather show you through pictures captured that night... the good pictures with people in perfect poses are always boring, it's always the "bad" pictures that are fun and will be a good talking point for later on... such as now!

Enjoy the pictures!    Check our facebook for the  "official" pictures :)
Suzy caught in an unglamorous shot
KM and Suzy look like a sudden gust of chilly wind just hit them.
Colla eating a fry...  I think
KM was saying something

Tony getting KO'd by Ben

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