Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not just changing how you work, but changing how it all works

Sean's 9 ducks on his cubicle

I was just sitting back on my desk when I realized one of my ducks ( I won 9 ducks during a target shooting match in a Tainan night market a while back) was turned around facing away from the other ducks.
Was about to turn the last duck into its usual forward facing formation when a splash of thought came to my mind: aren't we all facing the issue of "following the crowd," "turning a blind eye," and being "just like everyone else."
In a way, this relates to my previous entry about the "Me, Too."  I had always thought that the more "wired" or in-tune we are to the world through the internet and other media out-lets, we .. as a society or people would be able to innovate more because we would: 1) either build and/ or improve upon others' innovations; or 2) see what has already been done and do something different. Workspace's white board doodle
But... doesn't matter where you look, its clearly seen that everyone is just copying what everyone else is doing with a tinge of so-called "innovation" thrown in the mix... in the end, i am just ranting; and no point in keep going on if I dont say something different or some kind of solution right?
on the right, is the first peek of's project, which has been in the works for years now. No more need to talk about the new and different approach of's mission in the SaaS world... is taking a new course and different outlook on the future of business strategies and business operations on a global scale; we can't innovate the way business operations work without changing the business trade routine of today, now can we? doesn't just want to change the way business is done in the office, but also want to change business practice ( in trade) on a global scale ( optimistically hopeful!!!).
More will be revealed soon!

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