Thursday, January 17, 2013

Me, Too

It's been a while since I've written in here, but it's time to get out of this dormant state... Although I've only been in the internet start-up industry for less than two years, but I've seen quite a few things. One of the major issues... or headaches that I get is the "me, too" mentality or style of thinking that people have. This "me,too" extends way outside the bounds of the start-up industry / SaaS industry, and is a lot more prevalent in other industries such as electronics, automobiles, etc... There seems to be a need to be that "little bit" better... the need to fight toe to toe, and although it is "progress" in certain terms, it's also a sad sight. I, by all means, don't have any right to say anything... but just saying.. from the point of view from someone who is still "fresh" in society, I can already think of a dozen ways that people/ companies can do things differently to out pace the competition.
Criticizing or giving useless "advice" online is really wasting time and effort on everyones behalf...
From what I've seen and been through here in, we've come a long way from the early days when everything here just began budding. Even ('s CEO) at the very start already had the goal in mind of setting the company culture and atmosphere very different from a typical company or even typical internet start-up company:'s workspace was to be open, tolerant, and an enjoyable place to discuss and put together ideas (no such thing as a crazy idea here!), while still retaining the business and professional mentality that many internet start-ups tend to stray too far from. Simply put,'s workspace is a blend of business professionalism with an open and enjoyable working environment where ideas get molded into business plans and things happen. On the other, what we do is very different; too many people compare to Alibaba or Ebay, and what we do is very different. (at the moment) is a SaaS product that caters to a very niche market in the business trade realm; specifically the SME / SMB in the business world.
While in a meeting a few days ago, while in the midst of a debate of our message for a certain business campaign we are starting in our overseas markets, I suddenly said something that in hindsight seems to sum up part of what we do here at "feng-shui-ing businesses" 

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