Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even talks about entrepreneurship at NTU (National Taiwan University)

On Thursday night  (which is Thanksgiving to those from the United States), Even Chung (the CEO of Patisco.com) will be giving a talk to students at National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學); or NTU for short.  
Even Chung (not Evan), will be giving the students of NTU (and those who attend) a small talk on his own experiences when it comes to entrepreneurship and working in the "real world."
 yes, I said "real world," which seems to be a concept that schools somehow to forget to mention or teach to their fellow students. the "real world," is the world that is all around us, the one that cannot be read in a text book or be shown in an economics graph. The "real world" is the environment in which sooner or later ( actually, quite soon for college students) we all will be thrust into, and it itself (the real world) will be thrust upon us.
Looking at the poster, it seems discouraging. But the message is not to, it is meant to challenge the image that is given to the so-called industry or study of entrepreneurship. Students are given the image that entrepreneurship is some kind of process where all you need is an idea and some friends, and suddenly "poof!" you become some guru or Forbes magazine article centerpiece. Of course, no one has the answer to what is entrepreneurship or how to achieve success; but all we can say that it's not as easy as having an idea and friends. Pretty sure most people reading this is saying: no shit. It might also surprise you how many people actually do jump into society and pursue the dream of being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is simple, being a successful and lasting one is the hard part. From what I've seen in this life time, so many people ignorantly call themselves entrepreneurs and try to do something that really... how shall I say this... pretty stupid. All those who are entrepreneurs and who have succeeded know the tough and rocky road, and also know that no one listens to their stories and lessons when being told to future entrepreneurs.
I, myself, am highly excited to be at National Taiwan University (NTU), and listening to Even's talk and interaction with the students.

Dear the Future you:
    Are you ready for the real world? 
Entrepreneurship is not for the weak of heart. 
Come Thursday to be discouraged!   

Have to admit it does sound a bit harsh... but for all of those who came along this road knows the lessons and remembers the scars left by the spirit and experience of entrepreneurship. For those who have seen progress or success, we know the hardship was well worth it (for the most part), and the lessons and insights learned and seen were well deserved. This is what we hope and wish to pass onto the next generation, learn what we learn, avoid where we've fallen, and surpass our successes.

Many of those at Patisco.com have come a long way, everyone came from somewhere else, and everyone has their own story. All of our efforts and spirit are the accumulation from all of the years of experiences that we all went through. Which is why being in Patisco.com is such an experience in itself, we not only pursue the goals of the company, but we also learn from everyone in Patisco.com. From our CEO to CTO, advisor to Directors, and even our interns. It is no longer the story of the East and West, but stories of individuals striving for something better and will hopefully end up making the world a tiny bit better in the process. As I always say: we may be small, but everyone great started somewhere small.  
The story of human ingenuity and perseverance is always present and around us, we should slow down, listen, and take it in... before we jump into anything we consider "revolutionary." 

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