Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Interns!!

As I was walking home, I spotted this poster in the underpass.
It roughly translates as: "We are great because we have big dreams."
 This week marks my 1 year anniversary at Patisco.com!
and also means that this is the longest time I've been in one company! So it's a huge benchmark for me in all aspects!

This photo was taken during a negotiation meeting with one of our clients. It was one of my first encounters with our clients, and captured the moment using evernote.
The uneasy look on my face is because they are using Taiwanese to communicate, a dialect which I am not fluent in.
These two photos are from one of our first "movie" days, which is held monthly at Xceleration Labs's office.
Watching startup related, inspirational, overcoming difficulty, movies... add some pizza and a stressed out team and we got ourselves an enjoyable afternoon.
My first event: Appworks Demo Day!

Even in his "prayer" position infront of our giant monitor! haha!
This was the first training that I took part in, and would later pave the way for future training sessions for our clients.
The team took a risk throwing my in the spot to introduce specific functions of Patisco, but it paid off and I have more confidence because of it! thank you guys!

Chloe's birthday cake!!! She decided to celebrate with us!

Putting on our new decorations for our workspace!

At lunch time one day, we decided to exercise! get the blood flowing! what better way than to climb the staircase to the Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial!
 Afternoon guitar session with Yi-Ching and Lacost.

Lacost making his cappuccino! A daily sight!

We all have guns! and we are fierce! in a nice way though :)

December 2011 - Christmas time! It's beginning to look alot like christmas!

Laser tag! Team building event!

Engineers go out for an ice skate! it's so cold, and yet we are sweating like crazy.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Cross-Strait Business Competition.

We won the "Most Innovative Award!"

2012 Taipei Bike Show
I am re-assigned as an undercover body guard, my cover: show boy.
rock climbing builds your mental as well as your physical strength.
focus! forget the pain! control your body! A very literal translation of No Pain No Gain...
 Enough about memories!
today is the second day, and first real "work" day for our summer interns!

On the right: Suzy
On the Left: Colla

Ryan, the intern sitting beside me.  
And, this is Arvin, an intern at the engineering table.

I wish all the interns the best of luck, and all the fun we have here at Patisco.com!

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