Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at APEC!

This morning,'s Even Chung was invited as a panel speaker at APEC's "SME Workshop on Transporting Goods and Services Reliably and Cost-Efficiently."

The full article can be read at: Click Here For Article!  

Of course, I am not here to tell about the particulars of this event, rather here to proudly say that has been recognized for its international trade solutions expertise!  

This was an APEC ( Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) event, which was unique and very special because it was an event that focused more on SME (Small Medium Sized Enterprises) and international trade, than on pure internet-related topics.
To my understanding, Even Chung (representing was invited because was created to overcome many of the present-day problems that SME's face in today's business world, and has come to the attention of many in recent months.
Our passion burns ever brightly, and this APEC event only adds fuel to the fire as our reach goes way beyond the Internet Start-up community, and into the international trade arena... which is where the heart of lies. We salute Even Chung for making us proud and representing us at APEC and the world!

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