Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our own atmosphere

As the uncommon breezy post monsoon-like weather that we had experienced in the past few weeks abruptly shift into the hell-like heat wave, sun baking, humidity drenched weather that everyone is accustomed to in this city, the workspace has become a sanctuary, where it seems like we have our own climate control system.
Upon walking into the workspace, you immediately feel the wall of cold clean filtered air hit your face like a ice brick wall. The office temperature is about 5 degrees cooler than the outside, and the humidity level is way lower than outside.
For all those who are not living in Taipei at this moment, you will never understand the weather here. The smog from motorcycles, humidity, and other forms of green house gases are trapped within the city since Taipei is stuck between two mountains. So entering into the workspace is like bearing hugged by almighty Zeus himself. Cold dry filtered air, ice cold water, unlimited coffee, mosquito free, and it's also mellowly quiet... the tapping of keyboards has a therapeutic effect, puts me at peace.
I am at the moment taking a few minutes to type away here, while munching on some guava! yum!
The deadline for Intern applications has expired, and we are at the moment still interviewing and preparing for our new incoming interns! This is quite exciting since we have decided to start a new style of internship experience for our incoming interns, where instead of letting them do the menial jobs that most people hate to do, we have made a plan to incorporate them into the company, and let them see first hand how everything is done. Big companies already have a "mold" for new incoming people to grow into, while we believe that everyone has their own unique skills and qualities, and bringing those long held-back qualities and skills is what's responsible for hindering innovation and improvement of today's society. So in, just like when I first came here, I was asked: "what difference do you want to bring to this company?" and this question will be asked to the new incoming interns, since we believe that it doesn't matter what title you hold or how other people call you, we care about what you can do and how well you do it.

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