Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Island

 For all those who didn't know, I (Sean) spent the last week on Green Island, which is a small island off the coast of Taitung (Tai Dong).
It was a rare opportunity for me to take a few days off to catch my breath, and at the same time learn how to scuba dive!
The photo on the right is a shot of our base, which is where we eat, sleep, get air tanks, suit-up, and wash down.
Green island is a fascinating for city-dwellers like me... hermit crabs, land crabs, lizards, gekkos, huge spiders, and frogs. Every metal surface is covered in rust, and there is nothing that is more than 3 stories high. The sky is blue, but can change in seconds... 
  The photo on the left is a a pic of day and night. 

My mission for the week was to learn how to scuba dive and get certified! so yes, after a week-long training, I am a certified CMAS open-water diver.
I've been chased by fish, thrown against the corals by currents, beaten against rocks by waves, squished by deep water pressure, ran out of oxygen underwater, and swam over 3 sea snakes... and I am still alive!
Every time we went out to dive, I felt like some kind of Special Forces ready to embark on a mission... I had all my gear in place, eyes looking to the horizon, standing on the back of a truck. the  local divers said I was more like Moby Dick. I was alot bigger and chubbier than the natives on the island, and my skin was too pale. In water, I moved like a lumbering walrus, than gracefully like a shark. But hey, I had 40+ pounds of gear on me, what they expect for a first time diver? haha~!

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