Thursday, May 17, 2012

new neighbor

For those who haven't been to's HQ in Taipei, you probably don't know that I occupied the largest real estate in the work space. I have a peninsula of pristine work desks, power lines, lights, and computer screens.
I was lonely since I was all alone on this patch of desks, until today. Lacost has become the first new resident of this peninsula since it's creation. Although he will not be able to be here all the time, but I still hold the right to tax him.

The picture on the left is bubble tea. For all those outside of Taiwan, you probably know it as that Asian drink that is Milk Tea with tapioca balls in it. Due to its high sugar content, it was a natural choice as an energy booster which i badly needed in the hot rainy afternoon weather that plagues Taipei during this time of the year.

The picture on the right is of Lacost settled into his new territory on the western frontier of my estate.

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