Tuesday, May 15, 2012

clouds, juice, and a competition goes a long way

Installing our new glass covers, we have selected to use a cloud theme that seems to fit our company very well.

Let's not talk about the nice clouds and colors of the cover. Let's talk about the hours of work that I watched them put into just to put that thing on there!
A single non-aligned piece meant that they had to re-make the entire thing. so there was only one shot at getting this right.

 This is me, getting my usual natural "organic" juice fix in the late afternoons. I am not too sure if its organic, but they chop the fruits right infront of me, and say its from an organic farm... i guess i can only take their word for it.
Plus, screw 7/11 when I can have fresh juice squeezed right in front of me, and helping local businesses! lol
the hell with canned condensed preserved drinks, I got some labor intensive fresh juice! healthy!
 Today, we had a competition to see who can win the "large screen display."
The competition: shoot all the nerf darts into the bullseye.
In the end, Jason won by a slim margin, and he now has a bigger screen to help him code! haha! congrats to him!

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