Monday, May 7, 2012

cinco de mayo


 Is this not the most terrifying thing you've seen?
A woman holding a high powered rifle and has no idea how to aim a gun. Thank god it was our company's beloved Chloe, and she was only armed with a nerf gun that shoots harmless little darts. phew!
Anyways, it was Cinco de mayo! which meant it was my birthday!
Of course, being the team that we are... we had to do something wild and extraordinary... being the amazing team we are. So in celebration of the day of my birth, Patisco had its first (but no last) Office Nerf War!!!!!!!
Have stress? have an issue? dislike something? have a grudge? no problem, we at shoot away our problems in  a firestorm of nerf warfare.

Taking aim at a target, me and yi-ching go head to head in accuracy shooting.
with our lightening fast reflexes, we were tied with each other on accuracy and speed!
Talk about deadly!
The picture above is Even taking aim with the sniper rifle, which ultimately fails because the dart only flies a few feet in a non-straight path. Yes, an utter Fail moment. hahaha!
Of course, since it was my birthday, I was surprised with a gift!! my very own rifle! it resembles a world war 2 bolt action, and has the range of a water gun. Time for me to go online to find a way to mod this rifle and fire away at the other team mates who mock me! haha

i was also able to get my hands on 2 pistols, and struck a Tomb Raider pose. For anyone who does not know, Tomb Raider was the game, and later it was made into a series of movies with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. She sported two pistols.

And I could not forget the tactical pose...

Lacost is taking aim at a motorcycle helmet. While Shine looks on.

After much fury, I pick up the gatling gun and pave my way through the office. Take that world peace people! haha!
boys will always be boys... and boys love guns.

The standoff! pistol speed reload competition!

Poor Chloe didn't know what was waiting for her after her bathroom break. She opened the door and was met with 4 guys, armed to the teeth, and ready to fire a wall of darts at her.



And that was how our Friday ended...

good battle team! we shall meet again on the battleground of the office. and hope that diplomacy will have no chance.

I awoke the next morning, ready to go out on my birthday adventure with friend, when suddenly... I dropped my keys through the gap between the elevator.


I contacted a key maker person, and he referred a lock smith, who can break into any lock. He came within minutes, and broke into my own apartment in less than 5 minutes. What a pro.

Fast forward 2 hours, and I am in JiuFen, an old gold mining town in northern Taiwan.
Now it has become a tourist attraction for those who need to get away from the big city and see nature reclaiming a town that used to be numbered in the tens of thousands only a few decades ago.

The sun was out and bright, couldn't help but sit in the sun and taking in the warm rays.

i also decided to finally change my old razor, and got myself a birthday present! A new razor!
For those who know me, they know that I have to shave every 2 days in order to maintain a civilized look... haha

On Sunday, after basketball, my cousins and I decided to host a BBQ.
By the time we got the venue: the balcony of his apartment...
We say the lonely star in the darkening sky...

Stunning view for a BBQ

Starting the fire...

Using the fan to increase the heat!!!!

BBQ'ing like a boss...

An epic way to start a BBQ.

Marinated Chicken, sauteed pork, beef strips, and scallops! can't beat that!


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