Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black & White makes it look more legit

Like all companies, we work hard and play hard!

There is always the civilized way of dealing with issues such as talking and meetings. But we think that all that PC nonsense is all just bullshit. Why have diplomacy and civility when we can have a battle?
So, now.. after my birthday, we have a new an efficient manner to settle disputes: nerf battles! 

On any given random day, upon walking into Patisco's HQ, you will probably see nerf guns lying around and in most cases, the team members firing at one another.
but in the end, we are one big loving family :)

Doesn't this sorta look like the "Expendables" movie poster? except instead of buff deadly mercenaries, you have a group of internet startup guys and girls :P
brains and guns? deadly indeed.

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