Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny Monday Morning

 Days like today have been rare. Temperature is just right and the sun is warm enough and bright enough for a good stroll and tan. 
I happened to pass these two men slugging it out over a Chinese Chess game; a battle of generation, a battle of strategy, a battle of skill and mastery of the game. 
That instant brought a thought to my mind: Where is my Art of War by Sun Tze?  I need to read that book again, it is like my bible. 

This pic is from saturday night. 
The cousins are engaged in an epic duel of monkey bar fighting. A test of strength, perseverance, skill, and... weight.    

Saturday night, we also had an amazing BBQ session, our secret venue overlooked the Taipei skyline. 
buns, buffalo wings, steak, and lamb chops... a feast for kings and queens. 

The beef have begun to simmer and be turned from chopped cow parts to tender steak that is worthy of a michelin star. 

Friday afternoon, I attended the Startup Labs event. 
I rather be downstairs where there was a packed room of fine ladies interviewing for what seems like flight attendants... 

i feel so special: i have a name tag. 

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