Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday and yet we are still busying away like bees

It is Friday. The real day where it feels like a day. It is the last day of the week, and just the sound of Friday... is blissful. Sounds like Freedom... in a way? ya? HAHAHA...

Here is our newly expanded engineering wing, busying away. Eyes glued to the monitor at lines of code (almost like the matrix). While ears are open and listening to each other... it's like a meeting, but looking at computer screens instead of another person.

Everyone has their role, and working together is key.
Although its only the third day, and 2nd day of working for our new team, it seems like they are not taking breaks and have full fledged delve deep into the mindset.
Tears stream down my eyes as I glance over at our engineering wing and hear the chit-chatter of de-bugging, adding codes, sequences, and the advanced computer lingo... like a foreign language. And the tapping of keyboards, that make the drizzle of rain outside sound like a monsoon. comrades! I salute you all!

Look at the dedication and concentration! Almost Zen like. They don't even look up or give attention to the clicking of me taking photos of them.
I am overjoyed at the new feel and sight of a company that has a median age closer to my age now!

This is a drawing of what to do on our weekend.
Will we paintball? ice skate? climb a mountain? go to thermal bath? sing at KTV? go Kart? or....?
Hopefully the weather becomes better so we can do something outdoors!

Happy hunting comrades! Have a good weekend!

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