Sunday, February 5, 2012

Before the Sun rise, we were there.

If anyone does not already know... The NEW YORK GIANTS! has won the SUPERBOWL! against the Patriots!!!! hell yeah!
I beat my alarm clock by 30 minutes, waking up at 4:30AM.
Blood boiling, my eyes flipped open as if I was somehow switched on like a robot, ready to wash-up, get dressed, and support the team that represents my beloved home state...while everyone was still deep in REM sleep. That is right, while all y'all are still sleeping, I was already up and ready to battle!
Arrived at Dan Ryans, an American Restaurant that was an appropriate venue for such a national holiday over-shadowing event, and it was even more amazing that it was more over-crowded with Patriots fans than Giants fans... such sweet victory that we savored.
There were the few expats, and then there were the rowdy "LA" type of people who just yelled out ridiculous things like: I LOVE YOU BRADY! BRADY IS SO SEXY! (This coming from a guy)
The NFL should be touched that small bands of expats and foreign educated nationals, woke up at an ungodly hour, made their way to this venue, and watched the Superbowl game streamed real time over the internet.
Today has been a day of days. Giants won, and it was a beautiful day once we stepped out into the open day. Feeling victorious, the first gulp of fresh air felt amazing. Sun beaming down, birds chirping, felt like spring time in Long Island. I was 2 hours late for work, and I was in no rush to make it on time because today... The New York Giants won the SuperBowl, It was a beautiful day that I can use to tan my pale skin, and the air was so fresh that it seemed that the usual pollution was absent.
i walk into the office, close to lunch time and i hear the familiar sounds of the tapping away like rain.
I stood there, waited for everyone to stop, and bellowed: TODAY IS A GREAT DAY! REJOICE!
They replied with puzzled stares and went back to their usual sound-making tapping.

A slice of New York Cheese Cake (So effin' Good!) to celebrate the NY Giants' win!

Nachos in the morning? hell yeah!

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