Monday, February 6, 2012

And you thought you had a good weekend?

Yes, Team worked through the weekend and was in the office Saturday morning! Rise and Shine, and already in the Zone! ROAR!
Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words...
well, these pictures scream a thousand words!
enjoy and savor the pictures of our weekend! haha~ and NY Giants are the SuperBowl Champs! which makes the weekend even better!

Calvin cut himself while saving in the morning!
Sleep is for the weak! Calvin plows through early mornings like this every single day. Our colonel that commands the troops on the ground! Hoorah!

Nothing can beat ice skating with the team!

Jason is having trouble coming down the stairs in skates.

The pic was taken before we met the slippery ice.

This is true team bonding.
Helping fellow comrades make their way across the ice, with other people sliding around in utter chaos.
Danger? Check.
Pain? Check.
No previous ice skating experience? Check.
Cold? Check. team present? Check.
Had a good time? HELL YEAH! Check.

The engineering team taking a breather and resting on the padded walls.
No one said team building was easy... nor painless.
No pain no gain!

Team mate down!!!!!

You can see the exhaustion in the faces of the team, but we never quit. We keep circling despite the always-present dangers and muscle pain throughout our bodies.

Nothing can make a person feel better than a feast for dinner!

Hello there! We are the team!

Chilling with some Shisha at The Bed in Taipei.
A good way to close a long night is with some Mint & Peach Shisha.
Takes the smell of sweat, blood, tears, and pain out of my nostrils and mouth!

Early morning, went to Beitou Hot Springs with my friend: Helen.
The smell of sulfur filled the air.
Wonder if we can do a hotpot in the thermal pool? hmmmm....

The team is together again!
we seem to always be on adventures!
"People Mountain People Sea"
-Chinese Proverb

This translates into: ALOT OF PEOPLE.

Almost get hit by a train! phew! represent!

Gasp! its a UFO?!
no, its a lantern.

I am signing my name, calligraphy style, on the lantern! ha!

 And there it goes!
Success, prosperity, surpassing our goals, and changing the world. yep, that's what we wished for.

The people prepare their lanterns!


This was an amazing sight. Nothing beats it.
and so many other words to describe the sight of this wonder!

The lanterns gently rise up until they are so high that they are like burning stars gently floating in the night sky.

You think you had a good weekend?
Take a look at these pics and re-think!

don't live life for the moments, live life moment by moment.

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