Friday, January 20, 2012

Snapshos of AppWorks Ventures Intern Recruitment Day

These are some quick snapshots of the AppWorks office during the recruitment day. It was said that an estimated number of people predicted to come was around or less than a hundred, and about 200 people came in total!
This is another true: "People Mountain People Sea" moment.
I had the privilege to meet and introduce and its culture to many students and prospective candidates.

Unlike all the start-ups there, was a pure business product. has a real working and proven product, we are not theory or on drawing boards, we are already coming out with new updates and releases. has real world and market experience, and the only company which has a median age of 35, which means we are not an internet start-up for kids, we mean business and we take everything very professionally and seriously.
Like what I told some of the students: "we don't sell food or find you a date. We solve real world problems and we only want people who want to make a difference and have the will to change the world." I probably scared a good 84% of the people I met, but for the 16% that I spent most of my time with talking about, it was encouraging to see young people ( which happened to be people my age) who wanted to change the world, business oriented, tired of the old ways, and were determined to do what they can to leave their mark. For everyone else out there, wish you the best of luck ordering your bubble tea and dating websites. At, we are here with the world in our sights, we don't just dream up great things, we do great things here in our work space and more is to come in the days ahead.
Here, above: Calvin and Tony are explaining in detail about! 

What is 
Sean: "A closed-loop communication, management, and business trade platform. The next step in business efficiency and global communication."  

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