Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recruiting at AppWorks Ventures Work Shop!

Today will be a short-lived day in the office, as we will be heading off the the AppWorks Ventures work shop to recruit interns for the new year!
For those who are interested and aren't satisfied with any internet start-up, and can't choose between internet start-up or business oriented career, you can come join us at Patisco.com and get a taste of what life is like at our uniquely hybrid, multi-cultural, open-minded work space environment!
Together at Patisco.com and with our partners, we strive towards our mission of liberating those who feel like there is no salvation in the dire situation of commerce and trade business in today's supposedly globalized world.
okay, time to head on over! join us if you are in the Taipei area! if not, we will be somewhere close to you soon!

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