Monday, January 30, 2012

No longer 8

I woke up with a terrible migraine this morning, which drove me back to bed. Hence why I ended up coming to work late, but everyone here understood my reasons for coming into the workspace late. I still have some minor dizziness, think its from my two nights of insomnia... probably a bad idea to say that I haven't been sleeping well these past few nights and hence why i have morning migraines. then again, I don't really care what I say, since penting it up and acting a tough guy will only get me killed one day.
Anyways, enough about a headache I had.

Today will be the last day that Workspace will have only 8 people... starting tomorrow, we will have 11 people in the team! Two outstanding young engineers and one hardworking admin will be entering the threshold to possible the most rewarding experience during a most challenging of times for young grads such as myself.
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years? what will your life have amounted to?" That is what I always ask prospective candidates who want to join's team.
"Everything big and great, started small and seemingly insignificant... and look where we are in the world today? The most valuable, world changing, and most sought after companies... all either started in garages or in dorm rooms where no one gave a damn. Now, look where they are now? It's not about what you have or how much money, it's about if you have the heart and drive to change the world." 
Of course, having heart and passion alone is not enough for success.
What is surprisingly unique and outstanding about the team is that everyone in the team brings their life's and work experiences into the atmosphere. So, we are not a collection of computer techies that think we can clone facebook or google, we are a conglomerate of different minds from different industries that come together to solve a problem... that everyone seemingly has turned a blind eye upon. We don't just create solutions, we're changing the entire game.

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