Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday! Day before CNY vacation!

Comrades! It is Friday, and it is the day before our CNY (Chinese New Year) break!
Although my family is not in Taiwan, but I am glad to be able to chill out and sleep all the time I can.
Hopefully weather holds, and I can gather my squad for a paintball showdown on the 25th!
The news has been crazy lately!
what is the deal with SOPA / PIPA? sometimes it is baffling how far gov't can take things. if they thought the occupy wall street was chaos, they better be prepared when they take away what we've already have on the internet. Then there will be anarchy. occupy wall street people just... occupied wall street. pretty sure shutting down sites and disconnecting alot of media sites... and taking away our addictive need to download content no matter the source, will end up with... well, hackers already brought down US gov't sites... imagine if it became more real and upfront? a virtual revolution... haha...
Then there was the Italian cruise ship crashing and sinking partially off the Italian coast. what is the deal with that? There is a speculation that it's an insurance scam and whatnot, I don't what to think.
Syria seems to be losing its iron grip and i am praying that this "Iran confrontation" will cool down before things spew out of control. I am not the world peace type of person, just think we need a small breather before we go into anything else that involves war. The whole teddy roosevelt thing of "carrying a big stick" is not gonna fly when many people have big sticks too. Maybe we need to re-think how we fight war. let's just focus on eliminating an enemy, instead of nation-building.

I am so tired of alot of things, and think its about time some things either change, or get put and kept in the history books. of course, saying and blogging about this wont help the problem (hello to the other bloggers out there.) Ultimately, actions is what stands the test of time. I am not the "idealist" thinking type of person, and the problems that i see are most... socially embedded than what we see on tv or hear about on the internet. I am sorry to say, not meaning or disrespectful, no matter how much we give aid to try to get the word out... poverty, hunger, war, famine, atrocities will always go on. I am not a pessimist, I am just being logical. I wish there wasn't any of those problems in the world, but we are humans. The advances that we made, did in a way create those issues. There is rarely a win-win-win-win-win situation. There will always be that one party or person that loses. It's a fact of life, its human.
I am biased, i got over with it a long long time ago. if anyone says that they aren't biased, its total bullshit. the only thing that is unbiased and PC is a machine, no emotions and no thought of its own.
People these days need to understand that the world they see infront of them is not the real world. I'm talking about people need to stop "protecting"  themselves from self-denying realities.
The moon landings happened, pearl harbor happened, 9/11 happened, the iraq war happened. get over with it, its all over. America is not all White (caucasian), Russia and China are not the enemy, not all Arabs hate westerners, tomato is a fruit, and yes, global warming is real: man-made or not, the world is getting warmer.
People care so much or focus so much on external problems that they never see what is really wrong, which is inside of themselves. The root of all problems stems from within us. Let's change ourselves before we change others. I am not a preacher, but bettering ourselves will help society as a whole. How do we change ourselves? of course I have to provide an answer or else i'm just a critic with no balls. Everyone needs to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning and at night, and be able to say: I am happy the way I am, I was myself today, and will be tomorrow. I don't care if people are radical or materialistic or whatever... as long as you accept and love yourself for it, then hoorah~ be all you can be. Reason being, humans are flawed, and I believe that its our flaws that make us perfect, its what makes us different. If you are greedy, then good for you, go out and get more than you ever need. If you hate something, then hate it fully, dont question yourself. Ignorant people can be ignorant, dorks can stay dorks. But yeah, that's just my own thoughts, and no one needs to take it to heart, because my personality is: I really don't care if you do or do not.
Alright, that is alot of ranting... LOL

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