Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is late afternoon, and it is chilly in Taipei. There is nothing like a hot cup of fresh brewed cappuccino made by our in-house coffee fanatic and specialist: Lacost. The photo above was his earliest attempt at creating a Patisco! cloud on the surface of the cappuccino foam! Of course, it looks nothing like what it was supposed to look, but practice makes perfect! Great things dont just happen, great things are made with sheer determination and practice. From this simple commodity of a cup of coffee, you can truly see the patience, determination, and precision that we at pursue in our quest to change the way things are done in this world. May it be making home-made cappuccino or changing the procedures and standards of businesses; we strive for the betterment of life and the lives of others who feel the future is bleak and cloudy. is in the cloud (cloud server), and behind the cloud is where the sun lies.  

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