Thursday, January 5, 2012

Asian Mellow

It is the 6th day of 2012. 
I am embracing the Asian side of me: the background sound of the Gayageum Sanjo (Korean version of the Chinese GuQin), the rain drop sounds from outside, the the tapping on the keyboards from the people in the workspace. I am also sitting cross-legged, on my chair, almost like in a zen state of mind. 
2012 is going to be interesting. 
Elections in the U.S.  are coming up, and its anyone's game now. Although I most of my views are closer to that of Republicans in economic sense, but I am pretty liberal; I have to say that Obama would get my vote because the Republican candidates all seem a bit... extreme. But let's not rant on about that... 
Then there are the elections in Taiwan. I am a staunch KMT (Nationalist Party) supporter, even though I think President Ma is a bit soft, and needs to step up his game. I do agree with alot of what the DDP is saying, but I am questioning whether they can deliver. I cannot vote in Taiwan elections, so all I can do is talk, but not do anything. Word to the KMT: the DDP has a better marketing and PR department that the KMT, you need to learn and adapt. 
Across from Taiwan, is The People's Republic of China. Mr. Hu is going to step down as his successor Xi Ji- Ping will take the reigns. There is alot of internal issues that they need to settle... i mean, a whole shit load of problems. I've lived in China for many years, and as an expat, I know there is alot of problems. But I'm pretty sure that the CCP can solve most, not all, but most of their issues. Let's not talk about democracy or human rights; all that talk is nonsense right now. Who has the right the complain about that when you got 1.3 billion people to feed? 
The middle east doesn't seem too peaceful. At least Obama kept his promise and got us out of Iraq by 2012. Even though I have to admit that we left too hastily. 
Well, let's not talk any more politics, because in the end, its all bullshit. It's always something that gets blown out of proportion and let us lose focus on the real issues at hand.

Of course, everyday I am still amazed by how intertwined we have become with technology. 
I saw this child, no more than 4 years old, fully concentrating on an ipad2. What happened to the good 'ol days of Lego, GI Joe, monkey bars and sandboxes? Even my friends little brother who is 6 years old, has his own iphone 4s. 
But of course, technology has brought more good than bad. The increase in eye glasses prescriptions can be counter-argued by the connectivity that technology has brought. For every hour of vacation that is wasted because your boss is emailing you at night, long lost friends have found each other on a social network or social networks. 
My parents whom are somewhere in Southeast Asia, chat with me using facetime, while I give my brother advice about his dissertation over video chat, and instant messaging my friends in europe, and writing a blog for my friends from high school. It is pretty insane how far technology has come. 
All this becomes even more intense when one has stepped foot into's HQ, or has seen's next generation platform. This all seems like I'm pushing the, but seriously... if you see what I see, you will be stunned. All this cloud technology these days is mostly storage and whatnot, only recently has companies and startups start utilizing the true potential of cloud technology. I dont even have to say "in the future.." I go to work without carrying anything but my iphone and wallet. All my work and documents are stored in the cloud, so I can access it from my home computer, laptop, or work computer. no need for USBs or hard drives. my iphone is my ipod, cellphone, note taker, clock, chat service, gps, radio, and much more all in one, and my wallet is where I keep my cash (because I love paper) and metrocard. When I was younger I always thought see my dad lugging around his laptop was cool and professional, but now that I am working, I realized what a pain in the ass it is to lug around a laptop, along with documents and wires.
  hahaha, this is random, but our engineer just sent this to me! haha, it pertains to our clients who are operating in China and potential clients who are asking us about if we have a China base of operations. Of course, i hope we will have a base in China, but its all up in the air for now. It seems like EVERYONE is running to China to start a business these days. and everyone knows the stories like google, goupon, ebay, and facebook... and how they have faired in the realm of the middle kingdom... so with all the cautiousness, we here are very careful and much planning will be needed before any steps will be taken. 
Alright, I think I ranted long enough for today! have alot of things to do! 

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