Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Monday Morning...

Let's not talk about work now...

I guiltily admit that I am one of those people that keep a book in the bathroom for my entertainment when I am answering mother nature's call. These days, I am caught in a book about a tragically doomed internet start-up that, like Rome: rose to great heights in the hey-day of the bubble, then plummeted to its end right before the burst of the bubble.
One can learn so much more from the mistakes of others, than by the success of others. The books that tell you how to be a millionaire, billionaire, or a CEO are all full of the same crap. You have to be a leader, you have to be able to talk, you have to be driven... but so are the people who lead unsuccessful companies. The books written by the successful are also mostly filled with crap, because seriously... who is going to "show hand" on success? it's all for PR and revenue. On the other hand, the people who have failed write about every little detail, hoping to profit from every little painful detail, which is why reading books on failures is alot more effective than reading about success. Wouldn't you want to know where the pot-holes on the street is, instead of knowing how the street was made?
I am still very very young, even in a professional sense. most of my peers are still either in school or in entry-level jobs in huge corporations. I try to draw from experiences from everything that I can... from the people around me, books, people I meet, stories I hear, and even experiences from my life. I guess, what I lack in age and experience, I make up for the zeal and drive for success.
But anyways, back to my original topic.
Reason why I am a little... fed up? one can say that, it is because everyone (which is like 97% of the population) only look at and think they can ONLY learn from the successful, and here is where the problem lies: THEY ALL QUOTE THE SAME THINGS. yes, everyone says the same thing by the same "successful" people, and its getting irritating, because all people do is repeat, repeat, repeat, but they have no idea how to give a meaningful "translation" on what to do, or most people just say it and don't do anything. Some people really need to stop idolizing, and start walking the walk.
How this ties in to the whole reading about failures and success stories is that people quote the same success stories, and they all end up like the failure stories. maybe if someone read the failure story, then maybe they could've avoided the obstacles that was in the way?
and keep in mind: when someone has already written a book on how they succeeded, that path is already done with. Those who follow, wont ever see the rewards, because the person who wrote the success story already ate the pie. So lesson of the story: write your own story, dont copy. learn from other's mishaps, and make your own mistakes to learn from.

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