Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sean's Days Before Patisco.com

A small collection of photos from my days before my Patisco.com Adventures.

2007 - Netherlands
First stop in our Euro road trip adventure!

Starbucks coffee stop during our 千岛湖 exploration in Hangzhou, China.

Did anyone know that 千岛湖 is man-made? its one of those: OIC things... OIC = Only In China.

Sean, Roz, and Jasper. Defending America against its enemies since 1988. Semper Fi! Hoorah!

This photo was taken in summer of 2010 in Long Island, New York.

A quick break before intense paintball session alongside the USMC and US Army Reserve.

2009 Spring

Shanghai Dragon Boat Race for International Students in Shanghai.

SJTU! Shang! Hai! Jiao! Da! Go!

hahaha... good old days...

2010 Graduation

Graduation Ceremony for SJTU Class of 2010.

We are the students of Antai College of Economics & Management! 上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院!

2007 Summer

Nanjing, China.
This is where the Father of the Chinese Republic is buried!

59 years later, I stand where my grandfather last stood before the retreat to Taiwan.


Cairo, Egypt

2010 Summer


My brother and I are lost inside a mosque...

December 2010

Maui, Hawaii

On the beach during my cousin's wedding.

Sunset was beautiful, thank you to my brother for snapping this photo!

My cousin and his newly wedded wife have an intimate moment on the beach.

2011 Istanbul, Turkey

Having an early morning hot chocolate in the old palace.

sometime in 2009

Friend's apartment in Jing'an District of Shanghai.
The foreign students decided to have a random costume birthday party.
Yes, that guy is wearing a QiPao.

June 2011

Oh-hai-Yo! Tokyo!

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