Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Patisco Team!

Behind the designs, is this gentleman right here! 
You see the cloud? the logo? yep, that's all him!  
He plays the guitar, brews a mighty good cappuccino, an even better hand ground espresso, and rides his bike to the office.  

Yi - Ching
Patisco's Director of Sales. In this pic, you can see him explaining the network effect that will take effect once companies and partners start linking together using Patisco! 

The mystery man in this photo is none other than our beloved Calvin. His notorious orange rain coat that covers his face is a warning that he is in the "mode" or in the "zen" of coding. 
As you can see the wall behind and around him is filled with his calculations and master plans for Patisco to triumph in the real world! 


That is me. The writer of this blog. 
My job is top secret. What I do is classified. 
What I've done is unknown. 
I am the person that has the entire "island" of desks to himself. Music is streaming from my desk most of the time. There is also alot of snacks piled on my desk. 
I am the master of propaganda! All will see and hear me, but have no idea of what I have done. 

Product Manager
His job is to make sure that everyone who comes in contact in Patisco, and those who use Patisco's services, are not lost and always on the right track. He is the light, the all knowing, the educator, and the ONE that can solve all, if not most, of our computer or internet problems. Without Tony, we will still be in the stone age of the modern era. 


Hiding behind his Berlin Wall sized Laptop, 
is Jason. He is the mysterious coder, hiding in the corner with the "See All" view of the office. He is also the tallest in the office, which means he is the easiest to spot when he stands or is walking. 
He is usually quiet, but my charms have worked in getting him to communicate with us humans! 

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