Monday, December 5, 2011, no hardware no software install needed!
that is what the picture means.
 doesn't matter how crappy your laptop or computer is... as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can use
anytime, anywhere, anyway you want.

so yes, you see those commercials with the guy on a beach chair facing the vast blue ocean with the big blue sky with white puffy marshmallow clouds, beer on the small table? yes, that can be you. you can work from a beach in some paradise, while enjoying the good life. you can also be stuck in the forsaken artic circle, half frozen and still be able to access and its services as long as you have a satellite internet connection! wha-la! behold the power of cloud! and globalization. of course, the biggest issue is the compatibility with tablets. Yes, we are in the midst of fixing the platform for tablets.
So imagine walking around in Manhattan, blue tooth head phone in one ear blabbering away with a client, and replying messages to another client in Germany on, while completing a trade agreement for a shipment of goods from Indonesia from another client linked in in Taiwan, headed for Miami later this afternoon, which is their morning. It's already happening, time to get on-board for the next business revolution.

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