Friday, December 23, 2011

the night before christmas eve

This is one of three "Apple Pie Scented" candles that I bought and lit in my room. Instantly my room smelled like Christmas. The smell made me think of the Christmas days I used to have when I was back home in Long Island, New York. Mom and family always made huge amounts of desserts, of course there were many apple pies! so became really nostalgic of my days back in the old house. 

 Photo on the left is a gift from a future team member: a hand-made chocolate house for the Patisco team!

The Photo on the right is what happened to our dear chocolate house after a night of "shock & awe" attack by our team members... Santa and Rudolph never saw it coming.   

We have finally put up the recent awards and news clippings of!

If you ever come by the Patisco HQ, you can expect us to have the walls filled up very soon with pictures and more news clippings!

Alright, everyone have a great holiday!

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