Sunday, December 18, 2011


(Entrance of the office)

This a a blog that is not directly linked to our patisco operations, it is independently written by an employee (me). 

   It is another Monday morning. It's cloudy, drizzling, and the distinct smell of pollution in the air when I walked to work in the morning. 
Where is the sun? where is the puffy white clouds? 
I forgot to bring my laptop power cable,so the office is silent. The sound of jazz and pop cannot be heard, but the sound of typing and office chatter can be clearly heard. A few people have stuffed noses, and there is a quiet cough here and there. It's Monday, no explanations needed. 

Over the weekend, I had a controversial and successful debate with my fellow American and Taiwanese peers. I had argued that I much preferred Sun-Tze (the art of war guy) over Confucius any day, and why idolizing Confucius is causing alot of today's social issues in Asia. I will not go into detail due to the hugely controversial arguments I made, due to the viral effect and lynching effect that the web has brought upon the world. But one of the most controversial topics was how I debated that I can see why Mao started the Cultural Revolution, but just that the way it was carried out was a horrendous atrocity. But just like the Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, which all stemmed from more or less noble or idealistic agendas ( prior to finding out that the WMD was a total sham), the Cultural Revolution had its roots in an idealistic agenda too that was meant to being good, instead of the total failure and breakdown of society that followed when it actually did happen. 

anyways, don't want this to become too political. haha
Went to GuangHua Electronic Market over the week, and bought a leather vintage style case for my Canon S95... just like the one above, except mine doesn't have the "Canon" logo. I am amazed by the array of electronics and add-on's available for our consumer goods everytime I go there. 

Well, so now with a new camera and phone, I will be taking more pictures of the work place and life at our current HQ!  

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