Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Blog Entry!


Well, this is the first blog entry for me! 
My name is Sean, and I am currently working in Xinosys Company. Ltd. 
Xinosys Company, Ltd. is an internet start-up company located in Taipei, Taiwan. 
We have started our services!! Patisco is an acronym for an older custom written program used by a trade company to keep track of records and communications, which our platform is based off of. Of course, it was only later did we find out that "Patsico" means "to suffer" in Italian. To our dismay, we had thought to change the name of our services, because we did not want the image of suffering to be associated with our services or company. At a recent start-up convention hosted by Appworks in Taiwan, an Italian business man approached me (since I was the only available person at our booth, and also because I could throw out a few Italian words) and asked about our company and why did we name our service: Patisco or "to suffer"?  At the time, I didn't know the Italian word for suffering was the name of our service, so I was caught off guard. After a quick few nano-seconds of explaining our service and its purposes, and trying to tangent off of the fact that our service name meant "to suffer," it dawned on me how Patisco was a suitable name for our services. was created to overcome vast amounts of problems and obstacles brought upon by human error in communication, lack of knowledge, and inefficiency. The ways approaches to overcome these issues will be explained later. 
Although was created at first for a single company, it became apparent that most companies needed this in Taiwan, then it later became even more apparent that can be used throughout the world. originated from literally the suffering of a trading company based in the small island nation of Taiwan. Repeated communication errors, mishaps on differing software and systems, departure of employees, economic crisis, tightening budgets, cultural barriers, language barriers, and the ever changing business world; brought a new set of obstacles and problems. Emails were getting hacked, Skype doesn't work every time and every where, computers crash, hard drives fry, and some countries censor certain websites. What if, there was a software or program or service that can collect the best of everything in one package and throwing the rest? Countless companies have tried and still are looking and developing this type of platform, we are one of them. 
What makes us different? 
Where most companies just push out programs or software, we stress and pry ourselves on the service end. We didn't just push out a program or software, we back it up with our services. We didn't just throw our customers a toy and let them figure it out, we sat with them and taught them how to use it and then let them exploit it to whatever means they wish. 
Our company is unique in every aspect; and even more unique among internet start-ups. 
Our office is located in Taiwan, right outside the doorsteps of China; less than an hour flight from Japan and Korea, a few hours from Australia, Indonesia, Phillipines, and Malaysia. Every client that walks through our doors into our office all point out that the feel of our office is such a vast contrast to the other offices of Taiwan based companies. 
Our advisers come from New York City, I (the Senior Account Manager) hail from Long Island, New York; and also spent 5 years in Shanghai, China, Our CEO and Sales Director both returned from Vancouver, Canada, while the rest of the crew is from all over Taiwan. Hand-ground coffee, organic natural hand soap, feng-shui, light jazz, power lunch sessions, and constant conversations on improving client service is part of the Xinosys office culture. Everyone in the office came from another light before settling at Xinosys Company, Ltd. Some came from trading companies, some from Wall Street, some straight out of college, some from banks, and others from family businesses. So it can be said that we are not just an internet start-up, but also a business consulting company. 
We not only promote our own products and services, but we also help other internet start-ups that approach us,whether its for some advice from our experiences or helping them find the right people for their company, we are always there. 
I suppose that's why I really really enjoy working here. 
Small niche group of people striving towards a goal, and the goal isn't about the big money or profit. The goal is to help those companies in dire need of a solution to help them cross the chasm of bankruptcy and implosion. There is a very deep satisfying feeling when you meet a client that is bursting with how technology and the ever-growing pace  of modern day business is thinning his revenue and damaging business industry-wide. I am not talking about big corporations with thousands of employees, I am talking about the small businesses; the people that are under the mercy of the big corporations and big businesses; the people where one small deal can mean an extra month of income and work or family will live food stamps. 
Everyone looks at our product and service as just another "internet thing," and truly it does look like any other internet thing if you at looking at it from a behind an office desk or drilling machine. Everyone expects a "One All" solution, a single thing that can change their operations and make them money from the instant they use it. Those people are dreaming, because most people don't realize that most problems, if not all, stem from the people themselves, not the world around them. We not only try to sell our product and service to clients, we help them understand that doing business the same way as it was done in the 1970's and 1980's will not work in 2011. The world is changing, and people are getting smarter at a younger age, business is changing not by generations but by days and weeks. 

[[Continued later...]]

time for lunch now! woohoo! 

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